Converting PAL DVD to a NTSC DVD

So many years ago i bought the entire set of “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps“. One of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched and had to look up some of the UK slang but well worth it. It was only sold overseas so the set I got was set to region 2 (PAL). Back then I had an old DVD player that I was able to reflash to be region free and play them. Fast forward to today and from what i can tell there is no way to set my Xbox One to be region free nor would I probably want to so I was looking for a way to create a NTSC DVD from a PAL one. Read many tutorials and they all seemed VERY complicated using multiple tools.

I decided to try things on my own and was able to do it using two tools:

  1. DVD Decrypter
  2. Nero Recode (2016 version I bought several years ago)

Basically I used DVD Decrypter to remove the region and copy the DVD files to my hard drive and then Nero Recode to burn them back to a DVD-R. Works perfectly with all the menus intact and everything.

Gonna go watch season 1 now! 🙂

Apple Apple Watch iOS Beta iPhone

iOS 12 Beta 2 and updating Apple WatchOS to 4.3.2

Hit another snag on the iOS 12 Beta this morning. Seems that when i go to update my Apple Watch, it throws an error stating that my iPhone “Could Not Connect to Apple Watch”. Tried multiple various things including rebooting both devices, install the beta profile on my watch and find found that if you remove the beta profile from your iPhone, restart it and then try to update the watch, it works. Then you can just reinstall the Beta profile again and your good to go. Other than that I’m not seeing any new bugs with Beta 2.

Apple Apple Watch iOS Beta iPhone

iOS 12 Beta 1 – GPS issue

So i installed the new iOS 12 Beta 1 and everything worked fine for a while and was impressed by the new features but after 24hrs my GPS stopped working on any application that used it. Waze, Apple Maps, Google Maps, etc. Tried everything, researched and people had luck turn off/on locations services, resetting network, open multiple GPS using apps all at once, multiple different things and I tried all of them with no luck. What I found is that it was hit or miss. I would open an app and it worked, an hour later it wouldn’t work. I believe that all those people that were resetting and trying multiple things just happened to hit a time when it was working. Good news is that with Beta 2 it looks like it’s resolved.