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Adding a Library Server in SCVMM 2012 R2 ends in no jobs

So I installed System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 to do some playing around with it on the network that I share, via an IPSEC tunnel, with my friend. I installed at his location and tried to bring up a new Library Server in my location. Ran through the wizard, added the SCVMM service account as a run as account, chose the server and the share and up pops the job frame but the only job there is the creation of run as account job. No error, nothing. Ran it a couple more times, changing permissions on the share to see if that was it and nothing. No jobs at all after finishing the wizard.

So off to Google I go, search for 20 mins and finally found this article from System Center Central. It sees that even though the library created on install uses the SCVMM service account, you can not use the same account to add additional libraries. Would have been nice for MS to have this error pop up or at least give us an easy way to know what the issues was.

Hope this helps!

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