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RDP (Remote Desktop) to Windows 10 with Microsoft Account Not Working

I recently re-installed the OS on my Laptop and immediately had an issue connecting to it remotely using my Microsoft Account credentials. I knew this worked before and I was not getting any intelligent errors regarding the failure to connect.

After doing the normal google search and reading over multiple articles and ways others have tried to fix this I stumbled across an obscure post that told me to login into Windows at least once with your MS Account password instead of the standard PIN or Windows Hello authentication that Windows 10 uses as default.

After logging in one time with my MS Account password, voila, the RDP connection started working. Hopefully this helps anyone else out there that is having this issue.

Server 2016 Windows Windows 10

Unable to connect to Admin$ shares with local accounts

When trying to access the admin shares on my systems, after removing them from the domain, I found that only the local administrator account was able to access them. It seems this is by design and you need to turn off Remote UAC from the registry.

Here is the article:


Server 2016 Windows 10

Enable Remote Powershell between two non domain or workgroup systems

I needed to enable remote PS ability between my workstation, Windows 10, and my server core installation, Server 2016. Found this article and it worked great.