ftp vs. ftps performance data

In a previous entry Enabling ftps on vsftpd I showed how to turn on ftps in vsftpd. I have since did a little sample to see how this would affect cpu by turning on secure transfers. The results are odd, but I ran it twice and it is correct…

The ftp get script I used was a simple curl script that did 5 transfers and slept for 2 seconds then did another 5 transfers … etc .. for 10 loops, so a total of 50 transfers. I did this because i didnt want to flood the machine. This way the machine can take a break between transfers.

Here is the script:


for i in $(seq 1 10)
        for i in $(seq 1 5)
                curl -# -u ftptest:ftptest ftp://ftphost/10M.file > file
                #curl -# -u ftptest:ftptest ftp://ftphost/10M.file > file
                #curl –ftp-ssl-reqd –insecure -# -u ftptest:ftptest ftp://ftphost/1M.file > file
                #curl –ftp-ssl-reqd –insecure -# -u ftptest:ftptest ftp://ftphost/10M.file > file
        sleep 2

And here are the results:

FTP 1M File – View image

FTPS 1M File – View image

FTP 10M File – View image

FTPS 10M File – View image