Replace Notepad with Notepad2

I find that Notepad2 from is a vast improvment on the notepad that ships with Windows.

But as usual MS has made it very difficult to replace any system file so here’s a quick and easy way to replace your regular notepad with notepad2.

  1. First download Notepad2 and extract it.
  2. Rename notepad2.exe to notepad.exe
  3. Open Explorer and navigate to %systemroot%\ServicePackFiles\I386
  4. Rename notepad.exe in that folder to notepad.exe.old and copy the new notepad.exe
  5. Do the same for %systemroot%\system32\dllcache and %systemroot%\system32

You will need to ensure that you have "Display contents of system folders" and "Show hidden files and folders" checked and "Hide protected operating ssytem files" unchecked.

When you make the switch you may get a pop up warning you that some system files maybe be changed, just cancel and and your good to go.

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