Google Maps

BlackBerry Google Maps app continuously prompts for permission change

I recently deployed version 4.2 of Google Maps via our BES infrastructure in order to support BlackBerry Device version 5. As soon as it was deployed we got the prompt stating that Google Maps is requesting a permissions change.

We went through, looked at all the application permissions and they were all set to allow. But Google Maps still wanted to change permissions. The application still ran find if we choose the option to "Proceed Anyways" but on startup the app would ask for permission change again.

I found the answer after going through every one of our IT Policies one by one. 

It seems that the "Allow Third Party Apps to Use Serial Port" IT Policy must be set to default or Allow in order for the Google Map application to work without constant prompting to change permissions.
The question still remains why does Google Maps need to use the Serial Port, IrDA or USB ports? Previous version where ok with this setting being set to no and this has recently changed with Version 4.x.